Barry Twyford is coming to that London

Eeeeh. London.

barry_twyford-webBARRY TWYFORD is coming to the Museum of Comedy in Bloomsbury on the 26th of November with his unintentional show BARRY TWYFORD ISN’T MEANT.

‘Superb, inventive comedy’ – Stage

‘Former Viz man, as funny with a microphone in his hand as he was with a pencil’ – Guardian

More info and tickets HERE.

Simon Donald, of Viz Comic fame, performs as his most popular character, the hapless market researcher Barry Twyford, whose surveys often pose more questions than they answer. An endearing and loveable idiot, Barry spends the whole show desperately trying to find ways to entertain the crowd. In his inimitable floundering style, he has attempted to gain the venue’s permission to perform an exit survey of the audience, but instead has accidently booked himself to perform an hour of comedy. A terrified Twyford attempts to use the internet to find someone, anyone to help him, whilst online he has some bizarre face-to-face encounters with a number of Donald’s outrageous character creations.