Bus-Tour Gonad and his Unfeasibly Contrived Headline


You see me, right, HIM OFF THE VIZ, I’m doing a three hour bus tour around Newcastle on 25th August, starting from the Central Station at 7pm, right. The bus is kindly provided by Tyne Idols, who do this kind of thing all the time, but with less swearing and fart jokes.

The tour will take in many of the places that contributed to the birth and growth of Newcastle’s most sweatiest ever toilet magazine. We’ll be stopping at The Gosforth Hotel, the place where Viz was first sold by my brother and me at the door of a gig by Arthur Two Stroke on the 10th of December back in 1979, and also at the Trent House, the first pub to sell Viz over the counter, these stops will allow passengers to alight and impart of refreshments, but don’t let that stop you bringing some plonk of your own to neck on the journey. Best bring some crisps too, to give the impression you care about yourself.

My constant babbling will be micro-managed by my co-conductor Alex Collier, HIM ALSO OFF THE VIZ, who will be using his big, hairy hands to push the anecdote triggering button just above my arse.

You’ll be able to buy merchandise; signed and personalised copies of my book HIM OFF THE VIZ and live DVD’s. I’ll also begrudgingly sign any old Viz tat you’d care to bring along.

I’ll also be doing a song about buses, so that’ll be nice. Or possibly not.

Tickets are £15 and are selling fast, please visit tyneidols.com or call 0191 253 1618.